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Geno Fontanetta


Much like the original version of my first game adaptation of a short programming game I made, this is that story's adaptation in the Bitsy game engine. I forgot to mention with the first project but both are works in progress and intended to be improved. You are a character that is neither male or female.  You wake up in a clearing in the middle of the forest, large white gate far behind you, with large white spires piercing through the treetops beyond.  This is an extension of a previous text based game that I was working on in my programming class, also later worked on in a text-based format, in which you are a fallen angel discovering who you are, and what memories you’ve forgotten. 


  1. Discover your character: Over the course of the game you can choose which paths to take, beasts to slay, and people to interact with.  Depending on your decision at these times can allow the player to learn a piece of the character that they control in the game.
  2. Multiple playthroughs: No matter what you do during your journey in the game you will get to the same ending scene.  At that end scene as well as after you will learn what happens to the character and who the character is.  This is calculated by what you’ve done prior to the end. Allowing some to know more backstory than others. 
  3. Distinct environments similar to the ones that were described of in the original game.  Showing off the environments, the characters, hero, and the decision making with each path.


Allowing for options of multiple paths. Having an inventory of everything you’ve collected along your way.  Possibly a life bar. Triggering certain outcomes by what you’ve previously collected.


In working with Bitsy there was a big adjustment to how the story would be presented.  Given that in the engine there could only be a max of three colors, some changes had to be made.  There was also the fact that since bitsy was a different experience all together, a player wouldn't have the same feel.  Hearing the characters thoughts in the text-based game, like a book, compared to a movie.  Trying to perform that same sense of immersion without hearing the characters thoughts during their excursion.  

One of the greatest advantages of this however was that by making the open world, it flooded myself with more and more ideas on how to further the journey for the character.  While some of the features in the game were never fully brought to life in the text-based game, it could be more interesting in Bitsy.  Having that interaction with another character and letting the player have more freedom to explore the world.  Nevertheless there is only so much time in a day and, just like the other game, might not have everything.  Mostly because of my personal problem of having detail in the drawing in the game, but also the route.  Finding a way to mimic the hidden passages, grabbing the particular items are different.  This is because of the lack of programming for the game and it's simplicity.


Some challenges for the player

  1. Talk to a priest
  2. Fight a wolf
  3. Leave flowers at a grave
  4. Choose paths
  5. Fight Boss
  6. Grab Angel
  7. Talk to the traveler


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